23rd October 2019

23-October-2019 18:36
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by Admin

This morning most horses put in hard yards around the sand, Lossiemouth, By Order of and red Nika jumped a few hurdles on the grass. Otherwise, it was a pretty normal routine type of day. 


Forchena forgot she had seen hurdles before and bunny hoped the first couple making life difficult for herself. Eamonn is not impressed with her. As we all know, on occasions, horses and children have an amazing ability of showing us up. Time needs time and it will all come together for her yet. 


This afternoon I went on a speed awareness course, luckily one of the locations for said course is on our doorstep. I’m seem to visit it ever three years and the only consolation is I don’t have to travel far. If I hear another speed busting slogan I think I will lose the will to drive let alone speed. Speeding is obviously incredible serious and not something one should dismiss. However, the speakers are so narrow-mindedly moralistic. To be told that we should set an example to our children and others and that our children learn to drive from the age of two just about finished me off and I was ready to speed out of the place as fast as possible thereafter, it was along four hours and they wanted a quid for a cup of tea, needless to say I left thirsty.