23rd August 2020

23-August-2020 16:36
in General
by Admin

Flashing Glance is in good fettle this morning, there is very little for him in the immediate future, he may find himself in Perth before he knows it. The owners experience at Uttoxeter has improved with the relaxing of certain measures and all those who came with Flashing Glance were happy to be there. The staff and trainers received simple but perfectly decent picnic bags.  


This morning, I have been mowing and rolling tipping zones for the new and old sand, I have postponed delivery for a day or two as Tuesday looks a wash out. The last thing we need is artic lorries stuck on the farm, or worse still not being able to get them on the farm. 


My email server has decided to take their service down, swapping emails onto a new server one may think is straight forward, I disagree and I’m sure Vanessa would disagree too. Should anyone be emailing me and not getting a rely, the likelihood is your message is in space. I think we are finally getting somewhere with it. 



Yes No Maybe So and Forchena head to Southwell tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.