23rd August 2017

23-August-2017 19:24
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by Admin

This morning Flashing Glance, Equus Amadeus, Sword of Fate, Vado Forte, Snapdragon Fire, and Amadoue jumped 12 hurdles, I had to show the young bucks how to do it on Vado Forte and Flashing Glance. I'd rather not but if anyone is going to mess up either horse it is going to be me. They are both fractious and i'd rather get it wrong and blame myself rather than anyone else. All the horses jumped beautifully on what is now a fantastic surface having had another 5 bales of carpet fibre power harrowed in.  

Mary Eleanor and Fair Kate were loose schooled before being ridden. Mary Eleanor has jumped a few poles elsewhere but there is no education on the jumping front to beat the loose school. She just needs to calm her jets a little but jumps very naturally.

Mr and Mrs Wills were here to drop of Isle of Ewe and take away a Pasternak filly who has done enough for now. Isle of Ewe will start road work and reap the benefits of the vibrating floor having suffered a tendon injury 12 months ago. She will get the first hour of the day on the floor before anyone else arrives after I’ve fed around in the mornings.

This afternoon, I visited a stud in Warwickshire, seeing some of the finest National Hunt breed 2 and 3 year olds in the country is a sight to behold. There is something very special about seeing such a number of young horses in one field and ones imagination runs wild with dreams for their connections. They are all unbeaten.