23rd February 2021

23-February-2021 16:55
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by Admin

I don’t think Glory and Fortune was disgraced at Newbury on Sunday, he had a good blow and will improve for the run. The ground at Carlisle yesterday just sucked the horses in yesterday and asking Thomas Patrick to find some enthusiasm on said ground would have been foolish. We will hold fire with him and make sure we are ticking as many boxes as possible in the hope he can show us some of his old spark. 


The news that the Grand National maybe put forward a week is not welcome news to me, the further we get into spring the drier one imagines the ground will be. Kimberlite Candy likes to get his toe in. 


We will be holding off with runners for a day for two. I’ve been watching some racing this afternoon and the horses are finishing spread out the length of the home straights. Until the ground dries out we will have very few runners. The farmers tell me we have ten dry days ahead. That will suit us and we will be ready to get going again on the back of the drying days. 


Quite canters for most of the horses this morning, Adrimel, Glory and Honour, Hazzaar, Marty Time and Piaff Bubbles all worked having warmed up on the sand.