23rd February 2017

23-February-2017 18:38
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by Admin

Huntington Racecourse excelled themselves today, winds in Huntingdon were forecast to increase from around 50mph from day break to 64 mph after lunch yet it took them until 12 noon to cancel the racing. At 9 a.m. they tweeted “get you game face on, racing goes ahead currently sunny.” Obviously, they had failed to open their windows or walk outside. A man living 20 miles north told me it was howling winds with him. Given we were in the 1st and what was being reported from the racecourse, we had no choice but to set off. We arrived at Huntingdon around 11.15 a.m. to learn they had woken up, bothered to go outside and realized that the wind was in fact blowing. Perhaps the management at Huntingdon are deaf too. I have asked Huntingdon Racecourse, via a tweet why it took so long to make the call. I’m still waiting for a reply! What was going through their minds I have no idea, I am the bigger fool for sending the horses knowing it was highly, if not impossible to stage racing given the forecast. Huntingdon racecourse you have completely and utterly let yourselves down today. No doubt, as a result of your poor management decision you will compensate the owners with a very nice lunch in the director’s box next time they have a runner at your track?

All our horses had quiet canters this morning, many of which worked or schooled yesterday, it was challenging given the high winds but we all managed to stay on board.