23rd January 2019

23-January-2019 15:26
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I wasn’t expecting to wake up to a light covering of snow, we hit the ground running and immediately got the tractor down on the sand gallop to prepare it for use. The work load was reduced somewhat as Sean Bowen and Alan Johns were here to school but the weather put pay to that. 

James Burns the Lambourn Racing Post correspondence was her for the majority of the morning filming for Racing Post TV. James is a good lad and always fun to have around, he has an imaginative mind and always makes the world seem a brighter place. I will keep you posted as to when the filming will be online. Sean and Alan rode out 4 lots before being quizzed for the Racing Post mastermind challenge. Sean Bowen has a very healthy diet of Coke and chicken nuggets. Alan Johns is slightly more sophisticated, as for Stan, well lets not reference his nights out on lager.

As a result of snow lying on the woodchip everything cantered quietly around the sand for a couple of miles. Yesterday, we worked Hazzaar, JohnBB, Via Delle Volte, Lady Cylla, Kimberlite Candy, Coningsby, Freetime, He’s a Goer and Dorking Boy.