22nd December 2016

22-December-2016 18:59
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by Admin

Bells on Sunday got here Christmas card and present this afternoon. Please note the ribbons. Shinning Shire was very jealous!

Andrew Huckfield and his family were here first thing to see Shining Shire. It was the most beautiful morning for them to stand on the top of the gallop admiring The Black Mountains and Shining Shire having a canter. Neal Griffiths visited later in the morning, his in-laws, Alan and Trea Newell dropped in at lunchtime which coincided with Robert Chugg’s visit. It was a busy day of visitors but we enjoyed having them all and their kind presents for the lads at Christmas. While many are eating and being merry, the lads still have to show up for work and do the job they do every other day of the year. Horses don’t do Christmas; it is one of the busiest times of year for racing. It is very much appreciated when our owners show their gratitude for the lads working through holidays others get to celebrate.


Last night I took all the staff out for supper, after which, we ended up in Rushall working men’s club just over the hill playing skittles. I shouldn’t think there is another like it in the country, a round of drinks for 9 people cost less than £9! They have 2 old fellas supping pints, a skittle alley, pool table 40p / game. Full size snooker table and dart board. Annual membership is £10. I think I will join in support of such a great place even though I won’t frequent it often, if at all.


All the horses cantered this morning either up the hill or on the deep sand, they all appear to be in great shape.