22nd September 2016

22-September-2016 18:56
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Trea Newell was were here to see Bells on Sunday school and Heather Haddock was here to see her and Neal’s horses, Agamemon, Brandon Hill, Russian Service, Chase End Charlie and Loug Derg Leader, all of which schooled over hurdles. A few have now had the chance to get their eye in over a hurdle and will school over fences next week. Later in the morning we schooled Pinnacle Peter, New Member, Shining Shire, Amalfi Doug, Polydora and Pinnacle Panda. All jumped nicely. The 3 year olds all hacked around the sand, putting in the hard yards.

Triopas has a chipped bone on his tibia. That his him on box rest for a period – and a prime example of the price you pay for turning horses out. Many owners, understandably, like their horses turned out. Even though the horses are not shod behind the damage that can be caused by a kick can go beyond bruising. I have mentioned on here before, statically, a horse has a far greater chance of injury in a field than when in training. He was ready to run and it is soul destroying when this type of thing happens. The weather has been so good it is hard not to turn them out even though most have had a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks holiday, it is a long winter ahead.

Hag Stone and Pinnacle Peter

New Member

Shining Shire

How can you refuse them this pleasure on such a beautiful morning.