22nd August 2018

22-August-2018 17:38
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by Admin

If any of you noticed the auto correct/typo on yesterdays blog, it certainly tickled my dry sense of humour. The person who pointed it out certainly made sure that plenty of folk had a chance to read it - only notifying me late morning.  Should you not have read it or noticed it, I corrected it pretty soon after lunch. 


Most horses put in some hard yards around the sand this morning a few cantered up the hill instead. Flashing Glance was like a bull and Silk Run was back cantering before getting a few hours in the paddock. 


Our equine dentist has been here most of the day seeing to the horses that have come back in over the last few weeks and the new arrivals from Ireland. The 4 horses that came here out of Tatts August sale are all riding around the ménage nicely as it the Geordieland from Cornwall. 

In the past, I have been told off by an owner for mentioning their horses on the blog and posting picture of them schooling on social media, this time I have been accused (in jest) of not thinking much of a horse as I have not mentioned it on the blog.