22nd August 2017

22-August-2017 19:29
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We worked Flashing Glance, Equus Amadeus, Sword of Fate, Kates Son, Vado Forte, Snapdragon Fire, Thomas Patrick and Amadoue. Kimberlite Candy did a little more than he has been doing. The 3 year olds have all started back after a couple of quiet weeks. They are putting in steady, hard yards around the sand – they have got a little fat! The horses all appear to be well. We are getting somewhere near thinking about races for a few of the early types wanting decent ground. Amadoue will head back to Worcester shortly, Sword of Fate, Vado Forte, Flashing Glance and Equus Amadeus are 3 horses wanting decent ground and will all be on the racecourse before the end of September.

Robert Chugg dropped off 2 very smart looking fillies, one by Kayf Tara the other Milan, as you might imgaine coming from Little Lodge Farm their pedigrees are top draw. They have done plenty of long reining and will now be ridden away before racing in the spring. Robert, like many has to make his pedigrees and is never afraid to race the fillies, however, either filly can be bought to stay or leave the yard. 

Mary Eleanor arrived back this afternoon, Albert will have to revert back to the good old fashioned road map given his sat nav took him to a different county than that of where Mary Eleanor was stabled.