22nd July 2017

22-July-2017 13:09
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The racing world was left in shock yesterday by the tragic accident of a stalls handler at Haydock. These men and women keep the wheels turning on race days and the work they do is all too often underestimated. It is a highly dangerous job but to be run over by the stalls is a freak and very sad accident.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media and found something very unpleasant about the fund raising page for the man's family on Twitter. I understand it was set up for the right reason but personally, I think it's inappropriate. Racing Welfare are there to support the family through such a devastating loss. Money isn't the answer for a grieving family. At least let them come to terms with their loss before setting up charitable pages through social media. No amount of money can replace a husband, father, family member or friend. Maybe a page highlightening Racing Welfares work would have been more suitable. 

More than one person has asked how we are going to keep the water fresh in our water walk. It is spring fed from a great height. It winds its way via two ponds below our house into the water walk and out the other end back into the ditch. We will of course get sediment in it which will help the under foot conditions. All we have done is divert a natural flow of water into a channel. It has a constant flow and will never become stagnant. The video below was taken during yesterday's downpour. It goes out the other end as quick as it goes in and the water level remains the same. The horses absolutely love it, after 3 days we were having to hold them back rather than asking them to go in.

All the 3 year olds are now hacking around the farm, cantering quietly around the sand and up the hill. Next week they will start their education in the loose school before getting an easier time of it during the month of August.

Yesterday we schooled Amadoue over hurdles, he may head to Worcester on 1st August.  

Woolhope won their 20/20 match on Thursday evening, word has it someone hit the biggest 6 on the ground in 40 years!