22nd April 2016

22-April-2016 19:57
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by Admin

What a couple of days. Yesterday couldn’t have started any better with the 2 sales horses flying through their vetting’s. Thereafter, the day went downhill rapidly. Chase End Charlie didn’t let himself down on the firm ground at Exeter, quite where the clerk found good to soft and good ground out there I do not know, if he did it was scarce. I walked the home straight after the first 2 hurdle races and you would hardly have known they had raced on it. A poor going description I fear. Chase End Charlie will now be let down before having his holidays, after which, he will go novice chasing. Triopas was just getting into the race and looked as if he was running a blinder when he stumbled and lost Zac on the home turn. Thankfully, everyone involved in the evening has been around horses long enough to know these things happed, thankfully, rarely. It was a lonely drive home from Exeter but rest assured, no one would have enjoyed my company, less so than normal!

Todays sale at Cheltenham had no buzz about it at all, the big Irish buyers didn’t seem to be getting stuck in. Russian Service has come home as has Lamanver Odyssey. I can’t recall such a soulless sale. It would be interesting to know, if The Bloomfields dispersal had an impact on it or not. I guess we'll never know. I will be interested to read the sales returns as I can only imagine from the feel I got they will be poor in comparison to previous years. If the Bloomfield horses are included, the figures won't be a true refelction on previous years. We put a realistic reserve on Russian Service and in sales gone by I’m sure he would have made it. If you go to any sale with any chink in your armour you will be punished, if Russian Service has one, he may lack an inch. There are many smaller horses winning grade 1’s and I think it is easy to get drawn into thinking a horse is too small when the only thing that matters is the size of their heart. He won’t lack an inch this time next year, horses find it hard to grow when in work and he has never missed a day, he will grow at grass this summer and hasn't even celebrated his 4th birthday yet. Phil came up from Cornwall and experinced how difficult it is to sell fillies for fair money. They need to have won and have a pedigree that has taken generations to form. Odyssey won her race and is a nice filly who will win more. She just lacks a commercial pedigree and I’m afraid was punished for it. Phil and Donna weren’t willing to give her away and will race her going forward. I hope she repays their commitment to her and wins plenty more after her summer break.