22nd March 2017

22-March-2017 19:00
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by Admin

Jester Jet and Pinnacle Peter have come out of their races in good shape. We will have to see what the handicapper does to Jester Jet. Hopefully, he won’t spoil her chances of winning again quite yet.

This morning was absolutely filthy; we were soaked before we left with 6 horses on an away day.

Bob Davies is making a noise about the lack of runner at Ludlow tomorrow claiming trainers are tired after Cheltenham and need a rest – is he for real. I actually like Ludlow but you need a particular type of horse to go there. I have broken 2 horses down at the track, no amount of prize money would entice me to run there on anything but good ground. Coming off soft ground on to the road crossing, in my opinion, is where the damage is done. If an owner wants to got there that is very different but I wouldn’t encourage it given previous experiences especially over longer trips.