22nd March 2016

22-March-2016 18:25
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by Admin

We worked Isle of Ewe, Man O’ Words, Triopas, Polydora, Pinnacle Peter, Adeenne Des Sevres, Legal Exit, Chase End Charlie, Bells on Sunday, Cuirassier Dempire, Apergillum, Furiously Fast, Hag Stone, Very Intense and First Du Charmil. All horses worked well, they are fresh, healthy and fit. The babies either hacked around the farm or loose schooled. It is amazing how quickly things have dried out yet there is still plenty of moisture below the surface, rain is forecast and that could play a pivotal role in what we run in p2p’s over Easter. Cuirassier Dempire and Polydora need some decent ground to put their best foot forward and Pinnacle Peter wants a bit of juice in it.  

Much has been written about Sam Waley-Cohen and Long Run. I am a big fan of Sam’s - I watched the race until he landed over the last and walked out of my office. For my mind he was assured 3rd place. If the reports are correct he stood up on the horse claiming welfare being his main priority. If he didn’t ride the horse to finish as close as possible I don’t see he has a case. He knew what he had under him going to the last and if welfare was his priority, surely, he should have pulled up before jumping it. I am against exhausted horses being pushed, slapped and shoved when out of contention. Not only is it cruel, is it a horrendous sight and there is nothing to be gained for anyone. Previously, I have made my feelings known to the PPA as all too often it happens in p2p’s and it needs stamping out completely. Long Run was not out of contention. Sam has emotional ties to Long run and I’m sure they blurred his thinking. If he did ease up and then push again when horses came to him he is guilty of not riding a horse to obtain the best possible finishing position and will have to take the ban. There are no excuses no matter what horse your riding. Hopefully, if he appeals he will get is reduced allowing him to compete at Aintree. What Long Run achieved in his prime was nothing short of incredible, beautifully ridden by Sam and trained to perfection by Nicky Henderson.

Pinnacle Panda having a buck in the lunge pen.