22nd February 2016

22-February-2016 19:06
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Bells on Sunday capped off a good week winning at Buckfastleigh yesterday in what can only be described as deep ground. The geldings maiden was over 8 minuets and she won the mares and fillies maiden in 7 minuets 44 seconds. Tommie gave her a smashing ride taking the shortest route. Bells on Sunday is owner bred as is Isle of Ewe, there seems to be an extra dimension to any success from an owner breeders horse. Yesterday, seeing the emotion of the Newell’s was fantastic and made the day even more enjoyable. I don’t think Ascot would have had half enough tissues had Isle of Ewe won. I’m a bit cross with myself for throwing Isle of Ewe in at the deep end. I am however, someone who trains on gut feelings and when they are ready they are ready, at which point, I like to run them. Wait a week and they could be sick or lame. Both fillies have come out of their runs in very good order.

I found myself getting angry driving home from the p2p yesterday, when will people learn that finishing a fence behind the others on a legless horse is insanity. The likelihood of their horses recovering is slim, there is always another day. We fancied our horse but the last thing I said to Tommie was “pull up if she gets tired, even if your going to be 2nd or 3rd, I don’t care, she has the rest of her life ahead of her.” If horses are being ridden out of contention, the authorities need to fine jockeys and ban the horses for a certain period of time. In some cases, the horses will need at least 6 weeks to recover, if they ever do. Sadly, some of the culprits should know better. 

This morning all horses had routine Monday morning canters. This afternoon, I was wandering around schools again before coming home to evening stables and the gallops.

The press seems to be giving Vitoria Pendleton plenty of coverage. Many respected racing personalities share my views on the current situation regarding her riding ability at this stage of her education. It would be a great shame if she turned her back on the sport. I am delighted to read, she will continue to ride in p2p’s gaining valuable experience until such a time her advisors think she is ready to ride in The Foxhunters - if they think she isn’t already. I think her advisors are well placed to make the final decision this time around. Whatever they decide, I will be routing for her to succeed.  If she wants to learn to ride over a fence, I will gladly teach her the Captain Radclyffe way. Although, she may not appreciate the style of swimming trunks we had to wear – the lads would certainly enjoy seeing her in them!