21st December 2019

21-December-2019 18:39
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by Admin

Quiet canters for all this morning. The sun broke through momentarily this morning, not for long and the rain continued through much of the day here in Hereford. Adrimel trotted up like a ballerina this morning and we’ve plenty to look forward to with him. 


Back down to earth with a bang on the racing front today. Sir Egbert forgot how to jump and how Stan stayed on him was nothing short amazing. Quite what became of him I don’t know. I have always considered his jumping to be his main strength. He will have a thorough checking over before getting back down onto the schooling strip to sort his feet out. I must say it was hugely disappointing as I thought he would love the track and things looked to be in his favour today. You can’t take two fences form the boards and expect to win anything. It felt like a long drive home.