21st December 2016

21-December-2016 16:09
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I was very keen for Triopas to get a good look at his hurdles and in hindsight he may have been better covered up a bit more. He is running with the choke out not helping his jockey, he ran around a lot approaching the hurdles, jumped well when he got there but jumped Richie out of the saddle down the back. Richie said he simply jumped it too well and when they came down Richie didn’t have a horse underneath him, it looked a soft unseat on replay but has happened to me and happens to the best jockeys in the country. He lives for another day and will have entries next week.


Liz Wills, Teresa Gibson, Charlie Brooks and Chris Palmer were here this morning to see some of the 3 year olds school. They all jumped nicely and are now bobbing away upsides each other. Those that worked yesterday had a quiet canter, other did a little more.