21st December 2015

21-December-2015 19:02
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by Admin

Yesterday I rode out 2 lots before helping out in the yard and doing the gallops, I then got roped into Christmas decorations.

This morning, I dusted my boots off and gave an exhibition of schooling on Chase End Charlie and All Star Vinnie. Lamanver Alchemy, Kelsey, Hag Stone and Singlefarmpayment also schooled over hurdles. All jumped beautifully. The rest of the horses had Monday morning canters on the hill.

Bangor tomorrow has been lost to the weather and I wonder how many more meetings over the Christmas period may fall foul of the torrential rain we seem to be getting or are forecast to get. For the first time for a long time the air is sharp tonight and I will be praying for some hard frosts to sharpen things up a little.

This afternoon, I attended my speed awareness course. 4 hours could have been condensed into 2 with ease. Some of it useful some of it patronising. I accept, at times I need to slow down. What I did take away from the course is using 3rd gear in a 30MPH zone as modern cars will cruise along over 30MPH in 4th gear without a throttle. I drive an automatic car but will try my hardest to get into a habit of selecting the manual mode inside 30MPH speed limits. Many race courses have now become overnight journeys for horses, staff and trainers as we are advised to get out of the car for 30 mins after only 2 hours driving. Unless I’m mistaken a HGV driver can drive for 3 hours without a break. I’m not sure I live in the ideal world of the lecturers. In fact, I know I don’t a 4 hour trip in a horsebox or car is common practice and will remain so for not only me but every trainer/jockey in the country. Once the race is over we all have the return leg.