21st November 2020

21-November-2020 18:09
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by Admin

This morning Kimberlite Candy and Lamanver Storm worked, Thais Toir and Pounding Poet jumped some hurdles. The majority of the others swung through on the woodchip. Le Grand Fromage. Fair Kate, Gold Clermont and Neveille’s Cross had little blows in preparation for their runs tomorrow. To read my thoughts click here.


Glory and Honour won well this afternoon at Huntingdon, he was going away at the line and I think will step up in trip under a penalty next time. Dorking Boy missed the start and was on the back foot thereafter, Red Nika ruined the day a little, if anyone deserves a winner it is David Kellett who takes everything in his stride, never complains about anything and just enjoys the whole experience of owning racehorses. A winner for David is well over due and I thought today was going to be his day, sadly, it wasn’t to be and we shall have to try again.