21st November 2019

21-November-2019 16:55
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by Admin

Fair Kate is fine this morning. Adrimel, Lamanver Odyssey and L’Incorrigible all worked this morning, others had a quieter day. 


I had my annual BHA yard inspection late morning and managed to tick all the boxes required. The administration involved in running most businesses is vast and running a training yard is no different. We are now being subjected to some sort of vulnerable people examination. I have to complete a tutorial and multiple choice questionnaire document on line that I am told will take me over two hours. I am not one for such nonsense, I’d like to think the staff here know I will help them with whatever I can whenever I can and that should be enough. I wonder how much it cost someone to build the computer program for said tutorial. No doubt it cost thousands of pounds to get a company to formulate the questions. In their defense, I think this is being rolled out across all businesses. The last survey I received from the powers that be, incidentally, I believe it cost over a million pounds to produce was laughable, I didn’t get past question three before realizing it was a total joke and the questions could have been drafted by a dyslexia infant. If it’s true that it cost over a million pounds someone should be held accountable. If you want to know where all the levy board money goes, maybe, we need look no further. 


I am not a one who constantly moans about the BHA and think they have a tough task however; I don’t think it is right that they are unaccountable. For example, all banks etc answer to the FSA and the courts have the CPS. 


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