21st November 2016

21-November-2016 18:49
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by Admin

I have concluded the weather god is an addict, he does nothing in moderation! I have always been told to be careful what you wish for.  Our wish has come true. Breakfast was passed on today and we just worked through until all horses were exercised and everything was done up for the day. The drying room is struggling to cope with so much wet clothing and tack.  The only bonus to it was it was Monday and the horses just had 2 quiet canters up the hill.

This afternoon, I went to prepare the schooling strip but forgot my arm bands so left well alone. Every ditch and drain is full of autumn leaves which doesn’t help the Herefordshire lanes which resemble streams.

This afternoon, I had a telephone interview with The Racing Post Weekender, if your looking for something to read on Wednesday pop out and buy a copy.

I was lovely to see Agamemon’s name is being used to advertise Getaway in reports on Coolmore’s sires in todays Racing Post.

Robert Chugg was here passing on words of wisdom and swapping young stock around. He had to rush off to go hay making.