21st November 2015

21-November-2015 17:37
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The Black Mountains are covered in snow, thankfully, we can only see it and not having to deal with it. We woke to pretty strong winds which made life hard for the horses, we worked Pinnacle Panda, Hag Stone, Cirano De Silvola, Pinnacle Peter, Kelsey, Katie Kilminster, Chase End Charlie and a few 3 year olds by Benefical, Getaway,Scorpion, Milan, Flemensfirth, Network and Stowaway. They all did plenty, but due to the wind we had to look after them. Norma Harris and Geoff Lloyd were here to see Katie Kilminster battle against the elements, they arrived laden with Croissants which made for a very enjoyable breakfast. 

A new record was made yesterday at Goffs Ireland, a Dubawi colt sold for 1.1 Million Euro. I find it mind blowing. I just don't see how the figures stack up. Having said that, I suppose if you can afford to spend 1.1 million on a foal they don't have to. However, if the music stops we've all had it. 

I was delighted to read David Redver's criticism of Channel 4 racing. No one is better placed to make them sit up and listen given the sponsorship Qipco's put into the sport. He is aboslutely right in stating that Channel 4 seems to be far too interested in portraying racing soley as a betting medium and lacks the story. For me, the presenting of Channel 4 racing is boring and lacks anyone with personality, to that end, I seldom watch it and tune into RUK and ATR. 

This afternoon I spent sometime jockey training.