21st October 2016

21-October-2016 18:35
in General
by Admin

New Member is in good shape after his run, we will wait and see if and what handicap mark he gets and go from there. There is still no sign of rain so hopefully, we will find him another opportunity.

Given there is no rain, many of the horses in full training are ticking over doing plenty of steady work in anticipation of some wetter weather. I expect when it does start to rain it will forget to stop.

David was back for his 3 lots this morning. He is struggling with his weight and a cup of black tea was all he managed for breakfast. Given his ability to tack up he certainly wouldn’t pass his pony club D test.

Am I alone in living in a house with heating on full blast, wood burning stove flat out front and back doors wide open? We really can’t heat the parish!