21st September 2020

21-September-2020 18:24
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by Admin

Typical Monday morning canters for most, those running tomorrow had little blows on the hill. 


Today has been one of those days to dust oneself down and start a fresh tomorrow, anyone who tells me I should be delighted with a horse finishing second doesn’t have the same mind set as I do. I know Red Nika ran a great race but second doesn’t do it for me. To add insult to injury the handicapper will no doubt have his say.  The handicapper ought to pay some training fees before handicapping horses for finishing second.


Luck of The Legion looked to be running a nice race before going wrong, she will now head back to the paddocks to have another foal. A sad way to end, she has been here since three years of age and will get the best of everything going forward. 


I walked the track and was very happy with what I found, I spoke to many jockeys who told me that the ground was beautiful and safe. I thought Warwick had done a super job given the weather they have been competing against. The chase track walked too quick for me. On that basis, Polydora and Le Grand Fromage have been taken out of tomorrows races. 


Thais Toir, San Augustin and Neville’s Cross all head to Warwick tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.