21st September 2018

21-September-2018 16:58
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by Admin

Lossiemouth, Sebastopol, Kimberlite Candy, Megan's Choice, Thomas Patrick and Vado Forte worked. Dorking Cock, Dorking Boy, Hazzaar, JohnBB, Soraya, Silk Run, En Meme Temps, He’s a Goer, Equus Amadeus and Meep Meep all cantered around the sand and schooled over hurdles.. Jester Jet, Coningsby, Polydora, Triopas, Polydora and Alberto’s Dream schooled over fences. After cantering a mile on the sand, nineteen 3 year olds schooled over poles and a new padded hurdle in the ménage and four horses loose schooled for the first time. It was an incredibly successful morning. Alan Johns was in all morning, he and the boys did the steering. The 3-year-olds hadn’t seen a pole on the ground for 6 weeks and not one of them looked sideways. I spent most of the morning on the ground and couldn’t imagine training horses and not riding out. It is occasional lovely to see everything going on from the ground but it is also incredibly boring just standing there watching. Whilst I’m still able to do it I shall continue to ride as many horses as I can each morning. 


A few horses are starting to come into shape and I must admit I came into the office and looked for a race for one or two of them. In the past, all our horses have improved for the run and this season will be no different. Having them fully wound up first time makes for a very short season. The lack of rain will slow us all up…………..