21st September 2016

21-September-2016 19:09
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by Admin

All those that worked yesterday had 2 nice canters on the woodchip, the 3-year-old stores all cantered around the sand.

It was a frantic morning with the farrier and changing some beds from shavings to Oat straw this evening has made for a busy day.

Hag Stone has come out of his race in fine shape, he spent a large part of the day in the field. I have not received any abusive emails from disgruntled punters this time around. It is no surprise that the fella who decided to ignore my warnings of his mental fragility at Uttoxeter and backed him in spite of my well publicised fears, which incidentally, he acknowledged, he had read, hasn’t sent another email having missed a fantastic opportunity to back him each way at 50-1. I believe 66’s could have been grabbed.

If you turn 12 horses out in the same field the chances are one will occasionally get kicked. More often that not, it the one with an entry. Yesterday, Triopas got a boot on his off fore thigh muscle. He thinks he’s dying and will be forced to miss his engagement at Market Rasen on Saturday.

After numerous phone calls with 02, at my expense, they have finally acknowledged that I have in fact returned their handset. I still need to whizz up the energy to tackle Sky. It remains on my to do list!

There are always the nice emails one receives below is a copy of one I received earlier in the week.

Good Morning Tom,

I really hope you don't mind me getting in touch, Such a big fan of you and your horses, Think you do such an amazing job with the horses you train, They always look so well in themselves at the races and are huge credit to you and your team, 

I have so enjoyed cheering on Isle Of Ewe through her short career so far Tom, But she looks a lovely Mare to have in the yard, She seems to be progressing really nicely now, I loved her run the last day at Uttoxeter where i thought she stayed on really nicely to the line, Were you pleased with her Tom? 

I love reading your website, It's so well laid out and informative about your yard and horses Tom, It's a real credit to you and your team, 

Do you have a horse to look out for with the season approaching and starting to take shape? Appreciate and respect you may not want to say to much which i'm fully respectful of as always,  

I just wanted to wish you all the best for the season ahead, 

Best And Kind Regards