21st April 2022

21-April-2022 6:48
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by Admin

Yesterdays news of Josh Moore took the wind out of my sails, I have known the Moore’s for a number of years and can remember Ryan and Josh riding out in Brighton when they had just about learnt to walk. These little figures used to walk into Gary’s office when I was there advising him on equine nutritional supplements, or should I say selling him products. The Moore’s are a super family and my thoughts are very much with them and Josh this morning.



I am only too aware of the escalating costs of everything, feed has gone through the roof and my electric bill has over trebled for last month. Not only it is astonishing other countries haven’t experienced such hikes, but last month we would have been using less than any other month since September. God knows what it will be in October time. I am not complaining, I am also only too aware that others are struggling far more than me.


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