20th April 2017

21-April-2017 18:06
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Yesterdays trade for the form horses at Cheltenham was incredibly strong, admittedly, there were a couple of very nice horses in there. The demand and prices paid for Irish p2p horses is just mind blowing. It is good for the industry as all those vendors will be ploughing money back into stores and the wheels keep turning. Money changing hands makes an economy. I still maintain, a 4-year-old p2p winner has as much chance of becoming a Grade 1 winner whether it wins in Ireland or England. All said and done statistics are stacked against the English. The Irish produce several hundred p2p graduates each season and the English 20 with a good wind behind us.


Flashing Glance has made the journey to Ayr, photographic evidence shows he arrived having not turned a hair and has settled in to his stable sun bathing. Hopefully, he is solar charged. I expect him to give a good account of himself. He pulled too hard at Cheltenham and we, well Richard Johnson will endeavor to switch him off out the back early on. The ground looks beautiful on television and he seems in good health. The track will suit him as will the ground. He was breed in Herefordshire, is owned by a group of Herefordshire farmers, will be ridden by a Herefordshire jockey and trained in the county. He certainly qualifies as a Herefordian. 

My weather reporter tells me rain could arrive in the South next weekend. I won't be writing a blog while driving back form Ayr.........just avoiding speed cameras will suffice. Have a good weekend.