21st March 2018

21-March-2018 18:32
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Almost a spring day, what a difference it makes to be out working in warmer air. The sand gallop was used for the first time since the first dumping of snow we got a couple of weeks ago. The horses have missed it as we have. It is a very good reminder of why I put it in in the first place and the important role it plays with the horse’s metal state and their fitness.  I worked it hard for an hour this afternoon and it will ride beautifully by morning given the dry night forecast.


Jester Jet and Sebastopol worked this morning, all those that worked yesterday had quiet canters. We cantered Thomas Patrick, Alberto’s Dream, Hattie Hopkinson, Enchancia, Muse of Fire, Soraya and The Triple Pillar around the sand before jumping some fences on them all. I dusted off my boots, got some courage up on Thomas Patrick and popped Hattie Hopkinson over 12 fences. The others were steered by younger and braver men.

Sword of Fate came in from his winter break at the start of the month and David's Pheobe returned today having had her winter break.

Tomorrow, Flashing Glance heads to Ludlow, he has had a wind op, given his running style, I expect him to need the run. He needs to help himself a little more, has been off for 5 months and finds himself up against hardened campaigners.

Meep Meep will be making her debut at Chepstow in the mares bumper, she has done plenty of work without being drilled and it is time for her to show us what she is or isn’t capable of at this stage of her life. I’m looking forward to seeing both horses run.

Panda is 10 today so I’m off to bake a cake!