20th August 2020

20-August-2020 18:52
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by Admin

We had a busy day schooling young and old horses yesterday, Quick Draw Immortal Fame, Roger Rabbit, Adrimel, Ardlair, Flashing Glance, Ginflix, Floating Rock, Highstakes Player, Velasco, Argonauta, King Ferdinand, Marty Time, Gold Clermont, Outlaw Jesse James and Hunting Percival all jumped hurdles. 


I have decided to completely redo the sand gallop, I am working with a quarry in Ireland, they grade the sand removing many of the fine partials. These last torrential rain storms have forced my hand to bite the bullet and get on and do it. The sand will start arriving next week, I shall stock pile it before stripping the existing sand off so that the gallop is out of use for the minimum period of time. We should have it stripped and redone in a long working week. The current surface has had a hammering over the last 6 years, it is worn out. The water just can’t get through it. Gallops and those who ride on them are the two of the most important things when training racehorses. 


I am very cross over what I achieved during the Derby sale, not being there and relying on others didn’t work this week. I felt like I was in a queue for horses and found the whole experience incredibly painful. Not one I wish to repeat and a great reminder why I have always bought my own horses. 


I think we all concur that racing isn’t in a great place with Covid and prize money at the moment. I appreciate, racing broadcaster have a job to do in painting an honest picture of the industry. However, I feel they are over doing it on the negativity stakes and believe they fail to realize how toxic their reporting is becoming. 


Floating Rock heads to Newton Abbott tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here. Thank you to those who have continued to read and support my thoughts. Another £600 is on the way to Katharine House Hospice.