20th July 2018

20-July-2018 20:22
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A busy morning schooling, Robbie Dunne and Alan Johns were here to help. We schooled, David’s Phoebe, Dorking Cock, Kateson, He’s a Goer, Goodwyn The Great, Vivant and En Meme Temps over hurdles. Vado Forte, Jester Jet, Equus Amadeus, Sword of Fate and Sir Egbert over fences. All went smoothly, those jumping fences had done plenty before apart from Jester Jet who was jumping fences for the first time. 


Many of the first batch of 3 year olds that arrived from Goffs UK and Goffs Ire all loose schooled this evening. As did Dorking Boy, Megan’s Choice and Espinator.


David’s Phoebe heads to Cartmel tomorrow afternoon, it is a competitive little race.