20th July 2016

20-July-2016 20:01
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Lots of chit chat about immigration of late. I wonder if any of these immigrants that prop our country up with their labour question HSE about the maximum temperature that it is permitted to work in. I must add, in my experience, the immigrants from Eastern Europe are no cheaper than employing British workers. Many Brits simply don’t want to work, those that are willing to do laborious jobs don’t want to work more than 37 hours per week and think they are entitled to everything for nothing. There is a minimum wage and a living wage. Those bleating that they have been pushed out of their jobs by cheap labour are deluded. They have been pushed out of their jobs not because of cheaper labour but because those from Eastern Europe are more than happy to work more than 37 hours per week and entitlement doesn’t come into their vocabulary. However, what is wrong is those claiming benefits and sending it back to Eastern Europe. I doubt very much it was an Eastern European questioning HSE yesterday. Drink more water and get on with it!

Tim Brazil was in to look at a couple of sarcoids on 2 horses, one now has bands on it, the other will have a tropical cream applied in order to kill it off.

Mrs Newell’s Sulamani filly is now riding around the school.