19th November 2015

19-November-2015 18:11
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by Admin

Very Intense did his best but just ran into one better than him on the day. I am frustrated to say the least, the 3rd horse was someway back. The handicapper won't be on my Christmas card list this year. Unless he changes his ways he'll never be on it. Very Intense is an 8 raced maiden and got clobbered with 6lbs for finishing 2nd at Taunton last week. Nick Rust wants 1000 more horses in training. I'd say the handicapper is doing a pretty good job of killing any ambitions Nick Rust has. I accept the handicappers have a job to do, but if they don't give horses such as Very Intense a chance he'll be racing in the point to point field leaving Nick Rust to bang his head against the wall yet again. I agree, he had to go up after Taunton but would 4lbs not have been more reasonable allowing him to compete in 0-100 handicaps. He proved today that a 0-100 for him is no penalty kick.  As a result of his 6lb rise he now moves up a grade and will be competeing against horse with greater ability some of which will be on an upward curve. Getting his head in front has become even more difficult. Has the handicapper got any idea how hard it is to win a race at any level? 

Whilst i'm complaining I may as well go on to winge about the Workplace Pension obligation which is set to become compulsory. Employees are paid a wage and what they choose to do with that it their business, soon employers will become responsible for their future by paying into a pension scheme. I have received a letter today from some financial company telling me that I need to pay £480.00 to have the pleasure of setting this up. I'm sure I can do it myself. Yesterday, trainers were informed by the NTF that stable staff are due a 2.5% wage increase and hours worked away from the yard have increased. Admittedly, this won't affect me as I pay considerably more than 2.5% above the Racing Industry's guide for wages. My staff are top class and are paid accordingly. I'd like to see  those writing these guidelines exsist on the wage they propose for stable staff, it is deplorable and one, if not the main reason for the shocking staff suituation in the industry. I endorse paying staff well but I don't expect to be forced by law to pay into their pension. 

This morning most horses had an easy day having worked yesterday. On a much happier note the Tom Lacey Racing Club is gathering some momentum and welcoming members, please get in touch if you'd like to join. If all goes to plan we will have our first runner on 1st December at Southwell.