19th October 2021

19-October-2021 20:07
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by Admin

This morning we worked Pounding Poet, JohnBB, San Augstin, Ginny’s Destiny, Adrimel and Dorking Boy, the others put in some yards around the sand and had a swinging canter on the hill. 


Exeter felt more like the national hunt season was upon us. Wind and rain, for which, I went unprepared. I came home with a new pair of posh wellies at posh prices to boot. If you are thinking of buying a loved one some posh wellies for Christmas, do so now. No more are coming in and this year’s orders have been cancelled by the manufactures. You heard it here first!


We had to try something different to beat Mick Pastor sadly, it didn’t work. Sebastopol jumped great and had a nice introduction to fences. 


Terrrierman ran a nice race, he will win again if we can keep him sweet, which we will! 



Velasco heads to Worcester tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.