19th July 2016

19-July-2016 17:14
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by Admin

Gabriel Oats worked on the woodchip, he will, all being well go to Stratford on 28th July.

Charlie Deutsch was in this morning and will help us for a while before he heads back to his full time job down the road. It’s good to have him back for a while, not only is he a super rider he’s a lovely lad to have around the place helping out.

All the 3 year olds are hacking up the woodchip, the sand has become too dusty with this amazing spell of beautiful weather and we don’t have the facility to water the sand. I know many yards with sand gallops across the Irish sea water theirs but getting a consistent riding surface when watering isn’t easy.

Our paddocks are now brown having been scorched in this heat wave, we have decided to keep the horses in for a few nights, wait for some rain and for them to green up again before getting them all back out. I fear they will get bored with little to eat and end up damaging one another in some shape or form.

Sir Mark Prescott’s famous quote about horses spending 90% of their lives trying to kill themselves with 95% of their grooms aiding and abetting them. I am fortunate that my staff do not fall into that category but the horses do! Lying in bed hearing them galloping about isn’t good for my nerves or sleep.