19th April 2019

19-April-2019 17:46
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by Admin

Via Delle Volte seems fine after her exertions at Cheltenham yesterday, I think we are all in agreement she will now get a well deserved break.


Kimberlite Candy had a little blow on the hill this morning and sets sail for Fairyhouse tomorrow afternoon. All the others had quiet canters. 


The mowing challenge is complete, the lawn now resembles a lawn rather than a hay field, as no one was around I was even able to get the mower into the flower beds to do a little pruning.


Our bottom barn and temporary shelters are all steam cleaned and the first of the walkers was done today, the steam cleaner is working flat out. This afternoon, we have had some water pump experts in to cast their eyes over the wash down bays. They cost a small fortune to put in yet have never worked quiet as I would have liked. We are going to beef it up and create three or four new bays further up the yard during the summer.