18th December 2019

18-December-2019 17:51
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by Admin

Thomas Patrick, Vado Forte and Lamanver Odyssey all schooled over fences, Lossiemouth, Thais Toir and Neville’s Cross jumped hurdles. All did it nicely. The others cantered quietly either up the hill or around the sand. The ditch around the sand will be tested over night as the heavens have opened again. If the level of rain forecast arrives we will be slogging it out around Hereford and Exeter tomorrow.


The Sandown seven got their ban overturned at appeal, shows what I know but it also shows how incompetent our governing body is in that they can’t uphold their own rules. I believe the most contributing factor of the successful appeal was that a similar incident happened at Perth. They, the BHA said they would review the stop race procedure after said incident but failed to do so. I’m sure I’ve aired my opinion on their accountability before. Owners and trainers need a more dynamic body making sure that the BHA becomes accountable. Apologies and un kept promises of reviewing incidents isn’t good enough anymore. It has ultimately been their undoing and must surely have caused them great embarrassment, if not it should have done. 


Lossiemouth and Johnbb head to Exeter, Outlaw Jessie James to Hereford. To read my thoughts click here