18th December 2018

18-December-2018 17:20
in General
by Admin

We wanted rain and we certainly got it, it simply hasn’t stopped today our lanes are like streams and it is still falling from the sky. 

This morning we worked Hazzaar, Sebastopol, Dorking Boy, Dorking Cock, Kateson, En Meme Temps, Thomas Patrick, Kimberlite Candy, Coningsby, Fair Kate, Lady Cylla, Meep Meep, Glory and Fortune and Triopas, the others cantered a mile on the sand and swung through on the hill twice. 

I read a very good piece on At The Races website last night, it was agreeing with what I wrote yesterday evening but written in a more professional manner. 

Sir Egbert heads to Newbury tomorrow, he’s in good order and Stan jumped him over 8 fences this morning. 

I am in the process of incorporating a monthly subscription to my thoughts on our runners, owners will get free access and any punters wanting to subscribe will be making a contribution to Katharine House Hospice. Since I set up a business account with Paypal dealing with them hasn’t proved easy. Apart from my shoe size they seem to want to know more about the business than I know myself.