18th December 2017

18-December-2017 17:17
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The snow certainly slowed us up for a couple of days, we were able to get up the woodchip everyday but the sand was out of action after Wednesday as it resembled a bog when the thaw started. There is still snow lying on the hills and under the hedgerows, I hope it the last we see of it for another 4 years. 


The BT saga continues, we have continued to be passed from pillar to post and are no further forward than we were a week ago. I am still reliant on my mobile data gadget thing on top of the hill which has its moments, of which, plenty last week.


Polydora set off for Newcastle on Thursday only to get turned back on the M18 when racing was cancelled, most annoying. Why courses can’t make a decision the day before is ridiculous, they know what they are faced with and need to act sooner. I’m not sure who they think they are kidding but we certainly fell for it on that occasion. Polydora may well go to Exeter on Thursday.


David’s Phoebe was disappointing at Doncaster on Friday, Tommie felt she sulked in the mix of horses and it certainly appeared that way watching it in the betting office at Cheltenham. We will see how she is this week and will hopefully be able to look for another opportunity for her in 2-3 weeks’ time. Jester Jet ran a very solid race finishing 3rd at Cheltenham on Friday. I thought she struggled to see out the trip around Cheltenham having travelled into the race so beautifully. I had a race in mind for her at Kempton on 27th but have taken her out as I feel it would be a bridge too far for her having given us so much last week.


After racing on Friday, Thistle Do Nicely sold at the sales fetching 80,000, he was bought by Tom Malone for Jamie Snowden. We bought him for 18,000 euro at Goffs in June 2017. He certainly worked out for us and no doubt will work out for Jamie too. He wasn’t over big, always worked well and is an exciting young horse for Jamie to take forward. The demand for young horses having shown potential early in their careers is as strong as ever.


I am always looking to improve and maintain things here at the yard, last week we had a second vibrating floor installed and another 2 lorry loads of sand delivered for the round gallop.


I record Luck on Sunday each week and have enjoyed all the shows I have watched later in the day or in the week. Yesterday, Jenny Pitman was asked open questions which she repeatedly bought back to herself. She may be surprised to hear that many many trainers still feed horses individually and wash wounds with salt water. People were feeding horses before her and will be feeding horses after us all. Things have moved on a lot since Jenny Pitman was training and feeding horses. She may also be surprised to learn that some trainers walk around their yards observing their horses in the quiet of the day. She was without doubt an exceptional trainer but not a pioneer for training and managing racehorse. One of the reasons we all feed out of the bags now and mix in buckets rather that mash barrows is that barrows and feed sacks are ideal places for bacteria growth. If the Irish Equine Clinic were able to take samples off those feed sacks and mash barrows of old, they would find bacteria’s that not even they knew existed. She was asked to elaborate on the staffing issues within the industry and told us all about the youth of today being on their computers or drunk in the streets and her top 12 members of staff, some of which, participated in the stable lads boxing, tug of war and football. A hugely disappointing interview from someone who’s opinions I would have enjoyed.


Typical Monday morning canters for most of the horses this morning, Polydora and Kateson did a little more having been ridden yesterday.


King Spirit arrived, looking fantastic, from Louise Cabble who has had him in pre-training, he suffered a set back whilst in training elsewhere last year. If we can keep him sound he is a horse to look forward to seeing on the racecourse.