18th December 2015

18-December-2015 17:21
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Nearly a full compliment of staff this morning bar Joe was giving his dad his Christmas present -  a days shooting. I must be over paying him. I was invited down to Somerset to shoot today but declined as I want to be a round the horses at this time of year. Pinnacle Peter, Hag Stone, Chase End Charlie and Kelsey cantered a mile on the sand before working over a mile on the woodchip. All worked well, the rest cantered on the sand or woodchip. 

Sophie told me today that I was just like AP, I agreed and thanked her for the compliment - she then went on to say "yes, undeniably dour and obsessive". She had been reading the reviews on Being AP, not watching me on the gallops. 

A clip from Wednesday's schooling session. Cuirassier Dempire leading, followed by Getaway ex Oscar Road and Robin Des Champs ex Just Kate.

Tilly has inherited her mothers spending gene and I won't be taking her to Ledbury again in a hurry.