18th November 2019

18-November-2019 16:35
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by Admin

Monday morning canters again, how the weeks’ fly by is a worry and a good reminder to look up occasionally. 


Last winter I requested via the National Trainers Federation that hoods should be allowed to be removed at the start as is the case with ear plugs. The proposal was made to the BHA and it looks as if it will be approved. The wearing of a red hood in the paddock will signal that it is to be removed at the start and the typical black ones will remain on during the race. I can’t believe that it will be an over common sight on racecourses but it is a very nice option to have for the odd horse that needs all the help it can get. You may ask yourself why ear plugs are sufficient? Getting ear plugs in a horse who doesn’t wish to have them in is no easy task, in some cases impossible and continuing to persist in ones quest to fit them causes more stress to the horse than any race preliminaries. I am delighted that the option looks very likely to be approved.