18th September 2021

18-September-2021 10:00
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by Admin

This morning we worked Sebastopol, Montgomery, Toucan Sam, Benito, Immortal Fame, King Ferdinand, Hesque De L’isle, Tea Clipper, Glory and Honour, Marty Time, Piaff Bubbles, Velasco and Quick Draw. The other horses, many of which will want more rain than the aforementioned, had a quiet enough day. They’ve had a busy enough week working on their core fitness around the deep sand. Glory and Fortune had a little blow on the hill in preparation for his run at Plumpton tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.  


I have never heard anything so stupid as the pundit on Attheraces yesterday saying that jockeys would be asking the starter where the actual start line is when riding a horse that may not start. The reason the pundit gave was, the jockey wouldn’t want the punters losing their money should the horse step over the line deeming it a runner. The only reason to do that would be if one really didn’t want it to start having wagered on something else in the race. It is not the first time I have heard said pundit spouting pure drivel on Attheraces. I have had to resort to watching racing without the volume on when he is so called presenting.