17th July 2018

18-July-2018 18:55
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by Admin

The water issue continues, replace one electrical thing and another seems to fail intermittently. I’m hopeful, we will get it back functioning tomorrow after fitting another new part.


A busy day of visitors, Clive and Charmaine Brooks, Matt Coleman and Aidan Coleman were in to see the 3-year-old stores canter around the sand. This afternoon, Sebastopol arrived back looking fantastic, if he doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning nothing will. Two 4 years olds arrived one by Stowaway the other by Flemensfirth, we know the Stowaway as he spent 6 weeks here earlier in the year and the Flemensfirth has been pre-trained elsewhere. Fair Kate also arrived back this morning looking much stronger for a break, she is out of a grey mare and by a grey stallion in Fairmix yet she is very dark bay. 

Everything apart from the house water supply is running smoothly and we have a lot to look forward to.