18th May 2017

18-May-2017 18:06
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If you’ve not been racing in Perth it ought to go on to your list of things to do, it is totally charming. They serve fish and chips from a proper shop, have a real ale bar and sell proper ice creams. Bagpipes accompany the jockeys to the parade ring before each race and the racecourse directors and staff make you feel most welcome. I meet people I hadn’t seen for years and had a lovely time, it was well worth the journey. 

The ground was too fast for Bhakti and he was flat out from flag fall. I wasn’t disappointed with him, in fact the opposite. He’s come along way in a relatively short space of time and ran a very solid race. He will win again very soon. I’m not one to take times literally but interested to read his race, a 0-100 was 7 seconds faster than the 0-115 over the same course and distance.

Jester Jet couldn’t have won any easier and has done nothing but improve from run to run. I would have liked to have won another race before stepping her up to 3 miles but the lure of a £10,000 race was too much to resist. We will get a slap in the face from the handicapper but prior to that she will have an entry to run at Cartmel a week on Saturday under a penalty.  The horses travelled home this morning and grabbed a couple of hours in the field before bed, both seem to have taken the last couple of days really well.