18th January 2020

18-January-2020 19:07
in General
by Admin

This morning we worked Tea Clipper, Adrimel, Dorking Boy, Lamanver Storm, Lamanver Odyssey, Glory and Fortune, Kateson, Coningsby, Sebastopol and a heap of unnamed horses. 


Vanessa who runs our office wasn’t playing football today so she came to Haydock with me for a jolly. I wasn’t disappointed with Sir Egbert, he has to learn to race properly as trying to go from the front is hopeless and just becomes one dimensional. I was delighted to see him stay on but there is still work to do with him. He is proving he needs to be cut some slack before getting back to winning ways. Christopher Robin will be on the transfer list if he doesn’t shape up sooner rather than later. 


Have a good weekend.