17th November 2020

17-November-2020 15:36
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by Admin

This morning we worked Neville’s Cross, Sebastopol, Tea Clipper, Glory and Honour, L’Incorrigible, Dorking Boy, Dorking Rogue, Thais Toir, Le Grand Fromage, Fair Kate, You Name Him, Red Nika, Grizzman, Scipion and Stunsail. Kimberlite Candy, Piaff Bubbles, Marty Time, Ginny’s Destiny, Roger Rarebit, Benito and Argonauta had an away day. 


We have very few runners this week so it is a good opportunity to get those things done we can’t during other weeks. 


I failed to comment on Alexander Thorpe failing to weigh in. I wouldn’t hold it against him, he was distracted by a TV interview and forget himself. It was a genuine mistake and that is life. 


I was once on the receiving end of a weighing in enquiry, I got talking to someone outside the weighing room for a few minuets. When I walked through the door I heard the door man shout “all weight”. I’d forgotten I’d cheated a couple of pounds and was fine £180 pounds for weighing in 4lb heavy. Knowing the horse had little chance I decided to have some fodder before riding as I had been hungry for a day or two. To add insult to injury I had pulled up so had no need to weigh back in anyhow. 


Banning Alexander Thorpe for twenty-one days is irrational and ridiculous. Those jockeys at Fontwell should have had twenty-one days to concentrate their minds next time.  


Silent Man heads to FFos Las tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here