17th August 2018

17-August-2018 17:31
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by Admin

Those that arrived from Ireland this morning were all lunged using double reins in tack this morning. I do not foresee a problem with anyone of them and think they are 4 nice horses.  


The horses in training all cantered up the hill, they have put in plenty of hard yards around the sand this week and will be back on it tomorrow. This evening we are digging in the sides of the sand gallop. I spent Monday afternoon and evening walking a round a few yards in Ireland, the biggest problem we all seem to suffer with sand gallops is the wind erosion, mine costs between eight and ten thousand pounds a year in sand to keep a safe depth. 

The BHA have requested that we all fill out forms in order to gather information as to why male jockeys seem to dominate our sport. Needless to say I won’t be completing my form. They don’t need my input, I think Panda, aged 10 could tell you why this is the case. This country has gone mad with political correctness and gender related issues.