17th January 2020

17-January-2020 17:16
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by Admin

Yesterdays runners are all in good order and are there for another day.

Quiet enough time for the horses today, most had a couple of hack canters up the hill and a few stayed on the sand. 

Thomas Patrick had a lovely time on the sand dunes, it is a high tide this week so we were unable to get down onto the beach. If time allows, I will be back there next week with him for a canter in the waves. Getting to the dunes is a challenge and not for the faint hearted or a horse not used to water. The experience of our water walk paid dividends as we crossed the same river twice. As you may imagine it is fairly deep and Thomas had a second look before crossing and nearly being washed away by the tide. I shall do what I can to get him out and about in the hope of reviving his enthusiasm for racing. 


Sir Egbert heads to Haydock tomorrow, Christopher Robin Taunton. To read my thoughts click here. I am delighted to report that another £500 went the way of Katharine House Hospice this morning. Thank you to all those that have contributed via my thoughts page.