16th December 2016

16-December-2016 21:04
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by Admin

Chase End Charlie, at no stage got put in the place he was told to be in. I was always taught the start is as important as the finish and todays race proved the point more so than any other race I have I watched one of our horses run in. The less said about it the better. 

It is not often I am happy with 4th place but Agamemmon ran a super race in very competitive bumper. Many horses behind him are highly thought of and he proved he deserved his shot at a listed bumper. We will all take stock and make a decision as to what we do next. I am not a massive fan of bumpers at festivals, they can be very rough and extremely tough races, many winners of festival bumpers never train on and I think there is enough history to prove they can be the undoing of potentially very nice horses.

Kimberlite Candy and Bells on Sunday head north to Newcastle tomorrow. The horses are leaving at 4.30 A.M and need their breakfast before they go…………I’m off to bed.