126th October 2017

16-October-2017 17:45
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Tragic events unfolded at Kempton over the weekend, I am not risk adverse, in fact,  I’m never afraid to take calculated risks. However, I do fine it strange that we don’t wear helmets around horses more often. I tend to wear a helmet if I’m twitching a horse, yet I wouldn’t bother if I was cleaning a wound on a hind leg. I was leading a horse home along the road at the Captains one morning when it reared and struck me right on top of my head with its near fore, had I not had had my helmet on I doubt I’d be writing this. It was beautiful morning and the sun was splitting the stones, for whatever reason I choose not to carry my helmet that particular morning and there go I……………. I think the time will come when all staff have to lead up in helmets but sadly, the horse has bolted. I for one would support such a move.


A mixed bag yesterday, Equus Amadeus never showed up and nothing apparent has raised its ugly head explaining why. We will draw a line through yesterday and regroup. This racing game can have you on your knees one minuet and then jumping for joy 30 minuets later. Kateson won like a very nice horse, I thought people were hard on him in commentary, he just has a peculiar way of going, he pokes his nose out and has awkward head carriage. He appears to have a fair engine. He is raw and we hadn’t really lifted the bonnet yet had a fair idea he was a decent animal. He didn’t let me down and kept me off suicide watch after Equus Amadeus. If that is how green horses run, I wouldn’t mind a barn full of them. I knew 16-1 would never been seen again and encouraged many of the owners to place a small bet. You couldn’t wish for a better bunch of Herefordshire rogues, they all know how to enjoy the good days and take the bad in their stride. The dream is alive for Ascot in December but the horse will tell us if he’s up for it, he is the future and this year was always going to be about minding him. He has schooled over hurdles but, I think will stick to bumpers this season.


Typical Monday morning canters for most, Sir Egbert, Colt Lightning and Snapdragon fire jumped 8 hurdles. We have plenty of entries this week, running plans are yet to be decided beyond tomorrow.


Sword of Fate runs back quickly at Worcester, it looked too good an opportunity to let pass by, he is not a winter horse so we have to try and make hay while the sun shines. Triopas also makes his seasonal reappearance, Triopas is ridiculously still a maiden having only just been touched off in his p2p by a horse now rated 132. I hope Triopas can sort himself out and take his homework to the track. He is a notorious bad traveler; he’s been taken to the races in every possible fashion bar being ridden there, tomorrow, he will shuttle up to Worcester as late as possible in the trailer with a pony. He seems to travel better in the trailer than any other vehicle we have.